Taylors Survey and Development (TSD) is a quality focused business with a proven history in agricultural developments across Australia.

For over 40 years TSD have maintained a large client base because our business relationships are based on trust, together with the successful and cost efficient completion of projects

Taylors Survey & Development provide the following services

Taylors Survey and Development specialise in both large and small scale developments, Australia wide.

Services include;

  • Detailed farm surveys for project planning
  • Professionally drafted AutoCAD plans to client specification
  • Complete Vineyard and Orchard installation;
    • GPS set out of the complete development
    • Post installation
    • Wire installation
    • Planting component
  • Modern, fully maintained and professionally operated machinery
  • Integrated project management system
  • Documented and managed occupational health and safety programme

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Dean Taylor
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Rob Taylor
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PO Box 711, Red Cliffs, Victoria, 3496

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70 Kauri Street, Red Cliffs, Victoria, 3496

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